The STEM4youth Open Student Competition is over!

The STEM4youth Open Student Competition is over!

The student contest launched on January the 15th 2018 attracted interest of students and teachers from a few European countries! In total, 14 student teams had submitted their projects (one project was rejected due to formal issues). 13 projects were evaluated in the 2 stage process by an international Jury composed of four STEM experts and science promotors:

  • MSc. Eliana Camacho
  • Prof. María Dolores Lozano Pérez
  • Dr. Dimitrios Velessiotis
  • M.Sc. Eng. Dariusz Aksamit

After assessment 6 teams had been qualified to the 2nd stage and had online interviews with the Evaluation Committee. Finally, four 3-student teams won the main prize – a trip to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research which will take place on June the 12th 2018.

We introduce the four winners, 3 teams selected by the Jury and one by the popular voting:

1. Problem: Science in 3D – astrolabe
– María Mercedes Belda Sáez (Spain)
– Jeremi Sobierski (Poland)
– Lucía Romero Armero (Spain)

2. Problem: Exponential function
– Andjela Besir (Serbia)
– Miranda García López (Spain)
– Lourdes Navarro Colmenero (Spain)

3. Problem: Air pollution analysis
– María José López Valenciano (Spain)
– Zuzanna Tyczyńska (Poland)
– Agnieszka Bukowicka (Poland)

4. Problem: Exponential function
– Adam Harrison (Poland)
– Jakub Śliż (Poland)
– Karol Denst (Poland)

Warm congratulation to the winners and many thanks to all participants!


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