Institute for Strategic and Developmental Analysis

Using innovation & insight

We are a private, non-profit research institute, formed as an expert think-tank unit oriented at academic studies, applied solutions as well as analyzing public policies. We perform researches or give consultations on various challenges affecting society at large (be them social, political, economic or cultural) for private (businesses, individuals, etc.) and public sectors (NGOs, governmental institutions, etc.). As a learning organization, we often employ students and help them in their academic or research careers.

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How we engage young people

  • Study under- and unemployment of young graduates of various fields as well as labour market trends in general
  • Research the transfer of knowledge and technologies, particularly as they relate to social capital, organizational culture, and social values
  • Support Slovene innovators and (national) innovations (i.e. social entrepreneurships)
  • Study small-to-medium sized high-tech startups, pivotal at employing youth
  • Inquire into crowd-sourcing as a tool to connect students, universities, and businesses

Bright ideas we would like to promote


  • Nick Vovk
    Project Officer and Researcher
  • Frane Adam

    Director and Project Team Lead

  • Dane Podmenik


  • Uroš Gojkovič

    Research Associate