Institut Jožef Stefan

70 Years of basic and applied research

JSI is the largest and scientific research institute of Slovenia, covering a very broad range of basic and applied research. We were born in 1949, and our name comes from the distinguished 19th century physicist Jožef Stefan, most famous for his work on the Stefan-Boltzmann law of black-body radiation, which allowed, for example, to know the temperature of the sun. Today, more than 960 professionals specialized in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering work with us. Our main research areas are physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, information technologies, reactor physics, energy and environment, all spread across 28 departments, including the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation.

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Our vision for the future

Acquire and share new knowledge at the frontiers of natural science and technology for the benefit of all society thanks to education, learning besides research and development of the highest international excellence. In STEMFORYOUTH, we will develop the chemistry course coordinate all the course tests across European schools. This will happen first in a limited number of countries, and then in all the STEMFORYOUTH countries.


SCICHALLENGE, a joint venture of 9 European institutes where young people create their own digital education materials

Znanstival 2016, Slovene science festival for young people, adults, and children. In schools, museums, science laboratories.


  • Luka Virag
    Project Officer, Legal Counsellor
  • Špelca Kompara

    Project Assistant