Universidad de Cantabria

Excellence in higher education, on the Spanish atlantic coast

We are one of the 3 universities that have been in the Top 10 list of the main Spanish rankings for both education and research quality. We are a modern public institution, and what we want is to nurture social progress through teaching and scientific excellence. We will assess the project activities through questionnaires and interviews with the people who took part in them, and propose a set of recommendations to upgrade our best practices in the local education systems of our partner countries

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Some numbers

Founded in
students graduated so far
Million € attracted in 2013 to fund R&D activities
FP7 and Horizon2020 Projects

Our 5 priorities

  • Biotechnology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • Secure, clean and efficient energy
  • Advanced manufacturing and processing


We will assess the courses develped in the project, how stiudents and teachers reacted to them, what are the lessons learned, and what we want to bring foward. Once this is done, we will prepare a set of recommendations that we will share with aprtners, who, in turn, will bring them forward among their local institutions in chargé of educaction, hoping that our best stories can continue, at a European level, even after the project

What we did


The European Researchers night is a macroevent taking place in 300 cities all around Europe thanks to the European Commission’s Marie Curie Programme. For the second year, in 2015we held our side even in Santander, in the North of Spain.

Last May we shared drinks, ideas, and food for further thought with scientists and the public in several bars of Santander. Some of our topics included: did you know that the brain is a muscle? Let’s go to brain gym! Mens sana in corpore sano: how to keep a good balance of mental and physical health. What is really depression? How is prehistory connected to the present? What value does water have for us all?


  • Jose Manuel Diego Mantecón

    Scientific Coordinator
  • Javier León

    Vice-Rector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

  • Francisco Aresti Núñez

    Communication, Dissemination Explotation and IPR
  • Sergio Cicero


  • Eva Cuartango


  • Teresa Fernández Blanco

    External Researcher

  • Maitane Pérez Istúri


  • Tomás Recio