Food cocktails and the chemistry of feelings

Magical mixes of alchemy

We hardly ever think of how much chemical inventions and innovations tend to determine our everyday life. We can find chemistry in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in our emotions and literally in every object we can see or touch. The innovative products of chemistry lead to cutting edge advancements that are applied in medical devices, aerospace, computing, cars, fuels and in many other fields. Chemistry enables technological progress that enhances safety and quality of our everyday lives.

For each chemistry topic, we will provide the theory that is necessary to understand different chemical principles and concepts. We will learn: What is nanotechnology and how many diverse applications in chemistry does it have? How big is the role of chemistry in computing? Does it really enable us to increase speed while using less power? How has chemistry made our life much easier through transportation? What is its role in medicine? Will advances in chemistry lead to life-saving medicine? How has chemistry contributed to sports and increased performance of athletes in “technology driven” sports? What is the chemistry behind the production and processing of the food we consume? Are we aware enough?

Through our course you will get significant knowledge of contemporary questions in the field of chemistry and acquire necessary competence to deal with chemical problems. Your path to different careers in chemistry will be wide open! Do not forget - chemistry is nearly always at the core of any working field, be it industry, education, science or government. It is a very versatile science, allowing for a wide variety of career opportunities - and for greater understanding of our surroundings.

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