Politechnika Warsawska

Coordinating STEMFORYOUTH with over 200 years of experience in top research and education

We are a technical research university with traditions in education dating back to 1800. We think forward, and blend high-quality education with world-class research and innovation. PW is ranked number one among all technical universities in Poland. We offer education at all levels: B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree studies in every field of technology –from civil engineering and architecture to optoelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and biomedical technology. PW is the coordinator of STEMFORYOUTH, and will develop the course in Physics to be tested in several countries.

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Politechnika Warsawska in numbers

  • 2.486 academic teachers
  • Over 36.000 students
  • Collaborations in 50 countries with universities, research centers & high-tech industries
  • More than 1.000 international research projects

Our Physics degree

We offer studies in Applied Physics. Students can choose one of three specializations:
  • Computer Physics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Solid State Physics

A 3.5-year course leads to the Engineer degree, followed by 1.5-year course which leads to the M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics. Lecures are supplemented with practical exercises in research laboratories in the area of physics, electronics, computer systems for control and measurement etc. Later on, students create their own study program.

Where do our students go next?

The Faculty of Physics prepares physicists with deep fundamental knowledge and good command of technical issues and computer science. Graduates from our Faculty apply both experimental and theoretical methods of physics to solve problems arising from modern technology, medicine, economy and sociology.

Check out our student activities

Learn the basics of optical phenomena used to create the Fresnel hologram and then create your own one through our holograph workshop. Live unforgettable moments in the sea with our Faculty’s cruise sailors and the Physics under sail project. Carry out our experiments about safety of navigation, GPS, astronavigation, compass and gyro, satellite communication, log and anemometer, modern materials ised in sailing, weather, waves, wind and friction

Take part in our science picnics, the largest outdoor activity where young students promote science outside their classrooms

Children University, a set of modern educational programmes for children aged 6-14, resembling university lectures and workshops, applying active teaching methods

From crystals to Graphene, the new material of the millenium, strong as a diamond, flexible as plastic. Follow our interactive exhibition on the Czochralski Process on Instagram.

Read about the Chemical Scientific Society "Flogiston", a charity campaign for young people from orphanages, educational centers and community centers where children and young students do their own chemistry demonstrations.


  • Mirosław Brzozowy

    Technical Project Manager
  • Przemek Duda

    Project Coordinator

    Citizen Science at School and Dissemination
  • Dariusz Tefelski

    Educational Content

  • Katarzyna Holownicka

    Communication and Science Promotion